Monday, November 23, 2009

Like Father, Like Son?

Lately my little boy has been a little parrot. Everything Erik or I say, Jack says- which has caused us to really think before we speak at times! Everything Erik or I do, Jack wants to do. Anything from parenting his stuffed animals to sitting with his Bible, looking up at us when we ask him a question and going, "Hush," is in many ways mimicking the things we do. And just as an aside we do not hush Jack at home when we are reading our Bible, it stems from a Family Bible study we go to on Sunday nights where Jack has to sit quietly for an hour. Just to clarify.

So I suppose it should not have come as a huge surprise when Jack started coming up to me while I was making dinner, and wrapping himself around my leg and saying, "Hewwo Cwazy." That's Jack speak for, "Hello, Crazy." Yep, that's right, Erik oftentimes will come up to me while I'm making dinner and give me a kiss and say, "Hello, crazy." From the time we went on our third or fourth date, Erik has always affectionately called me crazy. And yes it is affectionately and yes there is a reason behind it, that I will spare you the details of at this time, lest you also think I'm crazy.

When Jack first started doing this I wasn't entirely sure how to handle it. I tried explaining to him that this is not a nice thing to say to others, but it was hard to reprimand him to sternly since he is usually nuzzled against my leg or resting his head on my shoulder when he does this. It also doesn't help matters that my husband thinks this is hilarious. When I was discussing this with Erik a few days ago, he reminded me that when Jack does this or when he does this, it isn't an insult in any way shape or form, in fact its the equivalent of being called honey or sweetie. At least in this house.

So if you see a little boy running around and he runs up to give you a hug and calls you crazy, please do not be insulted. Instead, think of it as if he just said, "Hey, sweetheart!" Because, after all, he is just mimicking the sweet moments he witnesses between his mommy and daddy.

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