Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letter to my kiddos

Dear Jack, Anna, and Baby,

Jack, you are almost 28 months old! Which, since I never hear anyone describe their 2 year old in month terms anymore, I guess you are officially a big boy! You have one of the sweetest dispositions of any toddler I have ever been around. You are very friendly to just about everyone you meet and also very funny. You're such a good daddy to your "Froggie", even though sometimes just as any good daddy has to do, when you feel froggie has disobeyed, you must discipline him. But you are always quick to remind him you love him. Watching you interact with froggie can either give your daddy and I some encouragement with how we are raising you, or sometimes it convicts us to make sure we're watching our tone of voice with you!

Jack, you also love to listen to music! One of your favorite things to do is listen to Mighty to Save by Hillsong on You Tube. You are constantly requesting the " Cross Jesus song." There have even been times when you've been on the verge of throwing a fit because you couldn't listen to it as soon as you wanted, which I have to admit puts me in quite an awkward position because I'm not normally inclined to give into you when you're whining, but when you're whining and saying, "Please, sing song to Jesus!" I can't very well discourage that, now can I? You are also a good helper. You actually like to help Mommy put away dishes, you love to sort laundry, and you're pretty good about picking up your toys! You are also an awesome older brother to Anna. When she is crying, you'll oftentimes bring her a toy, give her a(rather forceful) hug and tell her not to cry. Not that there aren't times when you feel the need to parent her and say sternly," Anna, no fits. That's a no no!"

Anna, you are almost 15 months! You are still teeny tiny, and most people don't believe me when I say you're several months past being a 9 month old! But you are, and while you might be small, you are very sharp and are saying quite a few words already such as, Mama, Dada, Ball, Thank You, Bub, and No no(that's one you just picked up last night!)You're getting pretty close to walking, probably still have a month or two more before it becomes your primary transportation, but you get around really well. Everyone comments to me that they think you have the cutest little jibber jabber. Oftentimes you'll randomly point at something and have an entire conversation with us about it!

Your personality is what your daddy and I like to call all or nothing. There is rarely middle ground with you. I will say most of the time you are very happy and funny, but if you are tired, hungry, or just plain don't want to do something there is very little we can do about it except give you what you want. You are definently a mama's girl, though in the last month or so I think your daddy and I are now on equal footing with you, it's just I'm with you more. But when your daddy walks through the door at the end of the day you're the first one scrambling to get to his arms for a hug and kiss. With your big eyes and curly hair, I think it's safe to say that all the men in your life (Daddy and both your grandpa's) are wrapped around your finger.

You also love to play peek a boo with us, but you haven't quite figured out how to cover your eyes, oftentimes you cover your ears and then pop your arms open! You and Jack both love to play peek a boo in our curtains, and at night before bed you two will usually play that will chasing each other around our ottoman. For a long time you thought that Jack could do no wrong. If he'd take a toy from you, you'd laugh at him, as if to say, "Bubby can do no wrong!" However, now that you're a little older you definently love your Jack, but you certainly won't stand for it if Jack takes one of your toys!

Lastly, to my baby, I'm so excited to meet you in a few months! I can't wait to see how Jack and Anna take to you! Heck, I'm excited to find out what you are! You are very active, especially at night where you seemingly have endless dance parties. February will be here before we know it! I hope you're ready for the crazy family you're about to be born into!

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  1. I do NOT miss dance parties in my tummy when I'm trying to sleep! lol.


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