Saturday, December 7, 2013

Confessions of a Fifth Born

Photo: Sitting up is so exciting:)

Life for Luke at eight months sure looks a lot different than life for Jack did at this age. 

1. He cannot nurse and be in the same room as the other kids. He gets way too distracted trying to figure out what fun he's missing out on.

2. It's possible that I didn't start him on solids until a couple of weeks ago..

3. If I put him down for a minute, there will be one child trying to kiss him, one trying to tickle him, another giving him a hug, and another trying wrestle with him(betcha can't guess which one that is..)

4. He's lucky to get a bath once a week.*blush*

5. We have yet to put him on a real rigid schedule, because once the older four go to bed Erik and I like to spend a little time playing with and holding him.

Yes, being the fifth born as opposed to being the first born is definitely different. But you know, I think he's doing just fine. :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a nice Thanksgiving last week celebrating with my side of the family! We had a lot of fun eating too much food, decorating my mom and dad's Christmas tree, and taking Anna and Lily to see the movie Frozen(which is really cute.) My mom usually does the Turkey, and I do the pies and sides. Every year I try a different recipe, and this year I tried making my own stuffing using this recipe(although to be completely honest I didn't use whole wheat bread, just regular french bread from the store), but it was still pretty good(just maybe not as good for you.;)

 Unfortunately, early Saturday morning Anna woke up with the stomach flu and we've all spent the whole week passing it around(Luke's the only one who's not gotten it yet, hopefully it stays that way!)

In between passing around the stomach flu, however, we did manage to get our Christmas tree. I can't believe Christmas is three weeks away!

Sweet Luke watching us decorate the tree. He is seriously such a happy, sweet little boy.

Erik and Lily putting the star on top of the tree. 

Four of my ragamuffins in front of the tree(Luke was already in bed.)

How was everyone else's Thanksgiving? 

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