Sunday, October 27, 2013

Brothers & Babies

Erik and I have brought home new babies almost every year since 2007. And ever since 2008, each new baby has been happily welcomed by an older brother or sister. I still remember how proud I felt when Jack told someone how much he loved Lily. Or that sweet moment when Lily and Anna both wanted to hold Max at the same time. Luke has basically been no exception to this rule. Jack, Anna, and Lily absolutely adore him. They are always playing with him and trying to make him laugh. They love to hold him, and feel so proud of themselves when they do something helpful for him.

But did you notice I only mentioned three of the older siblings were thrilled to have a baby in the house to play with?

Yes, Mr. Max, isn't exactly what you'd call an adoring older brother.

For a long time he basically ignored Luke.

And then when it became a little more difficult to deny Luke's presence in our family, Max started referring to him as the "baby."

And that was fine. Luke is a baby after all, and Max is only two, so perhaps he was having a hard time saying Luke's name(never mind the fact that he says everyone else's name just fine.)

But the other day Luke was laying on the floor, and Max comes up to me and says,"Move it, Mama."

Move it? Move what? So I asked him what he wanted me to move.

He walked over to where Luke was laying on the floor, looked at me with great seriousness and pointed to Luke, and says to me,"Move IT, Mama."

And that's probably where we need to draw the line. 

You know Max has the honor of being the baby the longest in this house(a whopping 20 months), maybe that was just a little bit too long of a time and it spoiled him. :)


  1. Holy smokes! Luke looks almost as big as max! lol!!! (and Zane saw the picture of Max with the sunglasses and pointed at it and said, "That Zane mama!! That Zane!!" ;)

    1. lol! Yes and that picture was taken a couple months ago, Luke's even bigger now lol!


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