Saturday, December 7, 2013

Confessions of a Fifth Born

Photo: Sitting up is so exciting:)

Life for Luke at eight months sure looks a lot different than life for Jack did at this age. 

1. He cannot nurse and be in the same room as the other kids. He gets way too distracted trying to figure out what fun he's missing out on.

2. It's possible that I didn't start him on solids until a couple of weeks ago..

3. If I put him down for a minute, there will be one child trying to kiss him, one trying to tickle him, another giving him a hug, and another trying wrestle with him(betcha can't guess which one that is..)

4. He's lucky to get a bath once a week.*blush*

5. We have yet to put him on a real rigid schedule, because once the older four go to bed Erik and I like to spend a little time playing with and holding him.

Yes, being the fifth born as opposed to being the first born is definitely different. But you know, I think he's doing just fine. :)


  1. Love this! Mine is only a 3rd born, but much is the same. Minus the bathing thing, because if he hears the other two getting a bath he just can't STAND it, and is doing his best to be in the tub with them. It's cute. ;) And yeah, no rigid schedule here either. Though I'm about to die from lack of sleep, I just know it. :P
    He's a cutie!

  2. He is so sweet! Oh, and baths are overrated! :) My poor kids get pretty much 1 a week.

  3. I love this. I can relate to pretty much everything and I only have 2. The baby will be 8 months on the 20th and has only tried a bite of my sweet potato a couple times. I figure once he starts picking food up on his own he'll eat more. :-)


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