Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I don't do

There was rejoicing in my home this morning.

Why, you ask? Well because for the first time in over a week my kids were going to get to leave the house.

 Admittedly, we had some sickness last week so that is partially why we hadn't left the house in so long. But I feel like I need to be honest with you all. When people ask me how I "do it", the truth is I don't really do a whole lot.

I don't work(outside the home) and I am not committed to any regular volunteer work in our church. I love to have people over, and I love bringing meals to families, but other than that I really feel like, in this season of life, I need to be home ministering to my family first.

It does become monotonous being home day in and day out(especially in the winter), but being home so much has helped me adopt a more relaxed attitude. I want my kids to be kids. Yes I'm raising them to be adults, but  I don't necessarily think they need to be acting like adults right now. They build a lot of forts, and take the cushions off the couch to jump. It doesn't really matter to me if they run in the house and maybe get a little loud at times. What matters to me is that when I tell them it's time to calm down, they obey. I try not to make a big deal out of  little things, and just let them be kids.

Truthfully I think I'd go crazy if I was always running around with four small children. Just the logistics of getting everyone dressed, putting shoes on(and making sure they are all wearing socks-bonus points if they match!), making sure everyone has a coat on, and buckling everyone into their car seat is enough to wear me out. On the days we are out running errands I don't even realize it's cold outside because it's such a work out getting everyone out the door! :) One day they will be older and won't need me to do everything for them. When those days come I'm sure we'll be doing more outside our home. But for right now, being home and not being involved in very many  outside activities has been tremendously helpful in having four little ones.



  1. Totally agree. I am most peaceful when I can just chill at home. I watch other kids 2-4 days in my home, so there's always extra, which makes leaving challenging. I am most peaceful when I know that I have everything I, cleaning supplies, etc so that I can just be at home doing 'my thing'. I know you've commented on my blog about my 'feeling lazy' because I don't commit.....but I think the uncommitted, laid back life that we've chosen is the best for young children and Mama's sanity :) I can't feel bad when I'm making the very sought after 'simple life' a reality.....

  2. Well said! We also have four littles 4 and under :-) I love the feeling of knowing we will be staying at home and it makes me a better mom. On days when we have to go out, I have to watch my attitude, because my stress influences them. I think I could be completely happy with only leaving the house for errands 1 day per week (weekends and playing outside not included). We shall see! And you're right- if getting out the door was an Olympic sport, I would be in the running for a medal. When I was pregnant last, sometimes I had to change my shirt (in the warmer months) after the whole ordeal! I can't wait for the day when they can get themselves ready independently, and yet I love life right now and don't want them to grow up. I've enjoyed your series- thanks!

  3. Nicole, it really is so much easier when we can all just stay home, isn't it?!

    Last summer I would just have to sit in front of the air conditioner and chug a bottle of water once I got everyone out to the van!

  4. Thanks for the honesty! I used to feel so lonely when I'd stay at home and never venture out but whenever I did, I'd resolve not to leave the house again for a long time because it was so stressful. Now I don't even mind at all. Of course, we moved from a dark (few windows) apartment to a mobile home that is usually very bright. That makes a huge difference too!


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