Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Journey to Real Food

Interestingly I got the inspiration to write this post while eating a package of cherry twizzlers, but I still don't feel too guilty about talking about this subject..I did title this post "journey" after all..

For almost every single day for the last three years, my husband has suffered from migraines. He's been to doctors, chiropractors, taken extra vitamins, and none of it has helped. A few months ago I started really praying for him to have some sort of relief from this constant pain. One day when I was visiting the Passionate Homemaking blog, I randomly decided to search and see what information she had on migraine headaches. The main piece of information I found said that MSG can trigger these headaches. So naturally I googled what types of foods had MSG in them.

I was surprised and overwhelmed to discover that almost every type of food we ate contained MSG! It seemed it was in practically everything!

I told my husband about what I had read, but when I told him what foods seemed to contain the most MSG, he brushed it off. However after two really severe migraines, he decided it might be worth a shot to try eliminating some of these foods after all.

That was back in October. And do you want to know how many migraines he's had since we've started moving towards a more natural diet? Maybe five or six total(as opposed to having one every day). And when he gets one it can almost always be traced back to a certain food he's ate.

So now I'm becoming one of "those" people. The words flax seed, coconut oil, and grass fed beef makes my heart go pitter patter. Going to the health food store makes me absolutely giddy(which isn't at all embarrassing for the lucky family members who get to go with me.)  I love learning about this stuff! I still have a lot to learn, and our pantry still contains some refined and processed items, but at least we are moving in the right direction.

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  1. Yeah! THat makes ME all excited about it again! :)

  2. Natural, whole foods have been on my radar for some time, too....what a process! It becomes overwhelming at times, but I just keep trying to press on. You were right, there is sooooo much to learn.

  3. We are on the "journey" too and I'm giddy in health food stores too, LOL. However, we do try to limit the bad stuff but I'll probably never give up some things, like my occasional Dr. Pepper and Hershey kisses, *blush*.

  4. Awesome! We are on the journey as well! :)


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