Monday, January 23, 2012

Routines and Schedules

I am a big believer in having routines for yourself and for your children. I realize that this might not be possible for everyone, and to others it might seem stifling, but truthfully I think I'd go crazy if I didn't have some idea of what to expect everyday. And I honestly feel like my children do much better knowing what to expect day to day.

Below I have written out our daily schedule. But to be clear even though this is what I want our days to look like, that doesn't mean they always do. But at least I have some idea of what we should be accomplishing through out the day.

6:00- Me- wake up, eat breakfast, do Bible Study, take shower.

7:30- Nurse Max, start load of laundry, make bed.

8:00- Jack, Anna, and Lily wake up. Get dressed, and head to table for breakfast. Read Bible over breakfast.

8:30- Brush teeth, do girls hair, and "chores." I'll usually unload the dishwasher and clean up breakfast around this time too.

9:00- Max down for morning nap. Free time for older three kids. Depending on the day and what needs to be done I'll either do a job that needs done(laundry, sweeping, putting ingredients in bread machine), or play with the kiddos.

9:30- Read aloud time. I am reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to them while they sit and play with blocks or do puzzles.

9:45- Usually "Lily" time.

10:00- snack. I usually try to get some housework done while they are eating.

10:15- "school" time with Jack. Jack loves to do school, so I'll work with him on reading and counting. Anna and Lily usually sit at the table and color(I don't make them, but they don't want to miss out on anything lol!)

10:30- Free time.

10:45- Anna time.

11:00- Read books of their choice.

11:15- Max up from his nap, and hungry and since I'm a good mom I'll nurse him:) while the older kids have  free time.

11:30- Video/art/bake/ free time. Depends on the day!

12:00- Lunch time.

12:30- Clean up lunch, and toy pick up time.

1:00-4:00- Anna and Lily nap. Jack goes down about two to have some quiet time, and usually sleeps from 3-4. Max naps from about 1:30 to 4:00. I usually reserve two o'clock to do something I enjoy and to rest. And at three o' clock I usually have to try to catch up on housework.

4:00- Everyone is up. I nurse Max, and then start dinner. Sometimes I let them help, but other times it's just not safe for them so they'll usually play or color or watch a video while I make dinner.

5:00- Quick clean up.

5:15/5:30- Dinner time, and Erik is home!!

6:00- Family time/free time.

7:00- reading and baths.

7:30/8:00- Beautiful bedtime, and nurse Max.

8:00-11:00- hang out with my hubby, clean up kitchen, finish laundry, and collapse into bed because six o' clock will come far to soon!

Do you have a routine that you follow, or do you enjoy being a little more relaxed about things?

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your routine! I too am a stay at home mom but my days are slightly different. I run a daycare in my home so my day is somewhat determined by the drop off/pick up schedules and mealtimes. I have "landmarks" in my day, such as

    - Up at 6:00 am - Wake my teenagers
    - 7:00 am - Wake my 10 yr old and 7 yr old
    - Open the doors at 7:15 am for my first daycare baby to arrive
    - Have breakfast ready by 7:30 am so the children leaving on the bus can eat by 8:00 am
    - Morning snack by 10:30 am
    - Lunch must be prepared by 11:30 am so my kindergartener can eat and catch the bus by 12:05 pm.
    - Playtime
    - Naptime from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    - Afternoon snack must be ready by 4:30 pm so the children arriving home can snack.
    - Outdoor play until pick up time (weather permitting)

    I care for 8 children between the age ranges of 6 months old to 6 years old during the daytime (including my own still nursing 2 year old daughter). I do have after school care for several older children as well. So my our days are flexible as I have lots of diapers to change and boo boos to kiss!

    It gets a little crazy at times but we always seem to snap out of it!

    Dinner is usually between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm

    Thanks for sharing your schedule!

  2. I love reading what works for other mothers. Personally, I've found that I'm great at creating schedules and horrible at following through on them.

    I have found a simple morning routine to be really helpful in getting the important things done . "School" starts at nine and if we get the morning routine done early, the kids and I have "free time" 'til then. My oldest is only 4, so school doesn't last that long. :) Besides all the normal household stuff, I try to read stories to the kids and spend time outside together.

    We have an evening routine [dinner prep, dinner, clean up together while we work on learning new songs and then the kids get ready for bed and we have family time] and then the munchkins go to bed.

    One of the things I love so much about motherhood is that we each get to find the balance that makes our home unique!

  3. Oh - I am going to be reviewing this one again. :) I love routine and schedules...and I have a 2yr old and a 3 month this looks like something that I need to follow. Thanks! (popping over from the WLW blog hop)

  4. I love how you have 15 minute increments! I have found that 15 minute chunks are so much more do-able than, say, an hour (or even a half hour!) of cleaning or whatever =)

  5. Thank you for sharing your day! Do any of the children share rooms? Is the baby in your bedroom? I ask this because I have 3 kids all within 3yrs of age sleeping in the same room and plan on having another baby by the end of the year, God willing. We will have to figure out where and the 4th will sleep. Any ideas?

  6. Sabrina,
    My girls share a room and my boys share a room. During naps I have the baby sleep in my room, in order to ensure that he gets the sleep he needs. It's definitely a challenge when they share, but I've found that eventually everyone gets used to each other.:)Good luck with your future pregnancy!


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