Monday, August 30, 2010

What a Week!

This past week marked my husband's first week of school, so that means I'm back to holding down the fort back home. Don't get me wrong, I love staying home with our three kids, and I'm so glad to be back on a schedule, but I apparently got very used to having my husband home during the summer and did not realize how truly crazy life is when you have 3 little ones. Every day held an adventure, so here is a recap.

Monday: Grocery shopping and errands with all three kids. That alone should be enough crazy for one day! At one point, Jack and Anna were singing at the top of their lungs, and Lily was crying as we walked the aisles, an old man stopped me and asked,"Do you have to listen to this everyday?!"

Tuesday: Tuesday wasn't too bad, in all honesty. A friend of mine's kids came over to play, so while it was crazy in the sense that there were 3 more kids here, they all kept each other entertained.

Wednesday: Started out almost boring. However the day ended with me having to pick up my inconsolable 3 year old from church. Apparently AWANA is just a bit too much excitement yet. This was fine with Anna, who was not happy to see her big brother leave.

Thursday: I woke up feeling overwhelmed with everything that needed done(I was up by six and didn't know how I was going to accomplish everything). Little did I know! Thursday mornings I have women's Bible study, about half way through my husband called. Thankfully I had my phone out(it was on silent), he was calling to tell me that his tire had shredded. He needed the kids and I to come get him. No problem, I thought. We were all ready to go since we were at church, so I figured we'd hop in the van and drive the 35 minutes to get him. Wrong. I got my kids loaded into the van, and then I realized I had left my purse with my keys and phone inside the church! I wasn't too worried, but then I realized that the church doors had locked behind me and no one was by the doors to hear me knocking. Thankfully, I was able to see the humor in the situation, and the kids were in good moods. After about 20 minutes someone noticed my purse and walked out to the doors to see if I was still outside. :-)

Friday: Erik had a men's retreat Friday night. Not five minutes after he'd left Jack threw up all over the place, the toilet backed up, and the girls were screaming their heads off because Jack was crying. I was trying to comfort Jack, unclog the toilet, and keep Anna out of the mess. It's just funny now to think about. Jack didn't wind up being sick, and we managed to have a nice evening with some friends.

Last week certainly had it's crazy times, but I suppose that's life with little ones. I am hoping that this week might have less crazy happening outside of our house, but I am so thankful I was able to see God's hand in every situation no matter how crazy it seemed.

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