Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6 months

Lily Faith, you were six months old two weeks ago!

Here is what you are doing at six months(already half way to a year! *sniffle*)

-You roll EVERYWHERE! The minute I lay you on the ground you roll until we move you.

-You started eating rice cereal this week. We think you like it, because you always try to take the spoon from us when you want more.

-You are seriously happy. Almost always calm, smiley, and you love to cuddle. Some of my favorite moments with you are when I get you up for your nightly feeding and you just rest your head on my shoulder while sucking your thumb. It melts me every time!

-Jack and Anna love you and the feeling is mutual. Jack loves to talk to you and tries to squeal like you do when the two of you are having a "conversation." Anna thinks you are her doll most of the time, so we don't usually leave you two alone!

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