Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Heart Check

You Know You’re Religious, When…
By Emil Swift

…you love the “Word of God” more than the God of the Word.
…you have a program instead of a Partner.
…you do for God instead of with God.
…God is your Boss instead of your Friend.
…you have a religion instead of a Relationship.
…you have an agenda instead of a adventure.
…the center of your thoughts and conversations is you and not Him.
…an examination of your checkbook register shows your money goes for taking care of concerns that are self-centered not God-centered.
…you protest your love for God but practice your love for the things of men.
…you spend time and energy in trying to control your life instead of releasing control to God.
…your prayer consists of much talking and little listening.
…you do the best you can instead of letting God do the best that He can.
…you work for God instead of working with God.
…you’re primarily directed by God’s principles instead of God’s Spirit.
…you accomplish natural goals instead of supernatural goals.
…you’re concerned more with what others think of you than what God thinks of you.
…you’re passion is for right doctrine more than right Relationship.
… you’re more focused on your needs than others needs.

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