Monday, August 23, 2010

She turned 2!

Dear Anna,

Yesterday you turned two! I think you had a good day. I mean, there were cupcakes involved so I don't think I know you had a good day! We had your party the day before your actual birthday since Sundays are tough to get everyone together. You got some cute dresses, a top, a crown, a dress up costume, books, and best of all(at least in your opinion) you received a recorder. Yep that's right, your great grandparents thought it would be funny to get Jack and you musical intruments. You both love walking through the house playing the recorders as loud as you can! It is very funny, and they keep you two happy.

It's been a big year for you, Anna. You've learned to walk, talk, sing, you actually grew big enough to be on the growth chart(at your last checkup you weighed 22 pounds!), and most importantly you became a big sister! I love watching you and Lily interact. I don't have a sister, so I'm really excited to watch you two grow up together. You love to hold her and help feed her cereal.

And Jack is most definitely your best friend. You two are constantly playing and chasing and getting into mischief things. We joke that you are either really happy or really mad. There's not much of a middle ground with you! People who meet you usually comment that you have,"Quite the personality!"

You have also become a daddy's girl(and a Papa's girl). The men in your life seem to melt the second you come up to them. At times you use this to your advantage, and when one of them catches you doing something you shouldn't, you smile and say,"Hi! How are you?" in your sweetest voice. Even though you're a daddy's girl, you love helping me with any type of house work(especially dusting.) You generally like to be where I'm at, and I often see you mimicking the things I do.

We love you so much, Anna! I praise God for you everyday, and I pray that one day you'll know Jesus. Happy Birthday, my spunky girl!

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