Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Another Day

"Mommy. can read me this book puleeasssee?" My three year old asks.

"Water? Water? Water?"My one year old inquires.

"Mommy what letter does knight start with? Mommy can spell knight for me please?" My four year old wants to know.

"Mommy I need to go potty! Help me with my pants!" Anna yells

"Look, Mom, I wrote my name! J-A-C-K, that spells Jack! Look!"

"Water!" Lily demands.

All these questions while I'm trying to nurse Max, and do laundry at the same time. I'm nothing if not a great multi tasker! Sometimes I feel like screaming, "Children, can you please LOOK at the situation, and realize that mommy is busy?!"

But I don't(at least not usually.) Because they are little. They don't realize mommy is just one person who has a never ending to do list and about a thousand needs to meet in a day. And they shouldn't. Sure I don't want them to think the world revolves around them, but they are preschoolers and babies, and obviously they are going to have needs that only mommy can help them with. After all it's not their fault there are so many of them. :)

So I take a deep breath, and say a little prayer pleading to the Lord for help and patience.  And I try to give the child  with the most pressing need attention first, and then I move on to the next child. Then by the time I've taken care of each child I  usually can't remember what I was suppose to be doing. Laundry? Dishes? And as soon as I'll remember a new situation will have presented itself, and the laundry will remain in a pile and the dishes will sit in the sink for awhile longer.

But it's all right. This is a special season of life. And even if I am worn out and can't remember anything I truly am enjoying this time in my life. People tell me all the time kids grow up fast, and that I just need to savor the moments. I plan on doing just that.



  1. Jessica, I am In the same boat as you. So glad I stopped over to meet you.. Its so encouraging when I read about a fellow mommy totally dependent on God's grace. He sure is faithful! God bless you and your family!! :)

  2. So many times a day I can only cry out to God for patience and help to keep going. Thank you for sharing this post.


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