Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Girls

I love that I have daughters. There's something so special to me that Anna and Lily are sisters. I don't have any sisters and I am so excited that these two will have each other to grow up with. They are only 17 months apart, and I pray that they won't just be close in age but also close friends.

Anna is spunky, spirited, and either all or nothing. Meaning she's either happy or sad- there's no middle ground with this child! You can't tell from this picture, but she has beautiful curly hair, and I would love to know who she inherited that gene from! 

Anna is a huge animal lover and book lover. Her favorite toys are My Little Ponies, and she pretends that almost everything is a horse(including her food!) The only downfall I've seen come out of her love of horses is that she has tried on more than one occasion to ride Lily. Luckily Lily doesn't get too upset, but she does appreciate it when I tell Anna that her little sister isn't a toy.

My husband is in our church's praise band and he practices from time to time at home. Anna enjoys dancing around, but not usually as much as Jack and Lily do. There have been times Anna will sit and read her Bible while her brother and sister dance around her, so we jokingly call her our little fundamentalist.

This past week Anna has decided she wants to potty trained "like a big girl," and she's been doing amazing. After she goes potty she'll say(in what still sounds like a french accent), "I need a piece of chocolate(pronounced shockooolot:).

And then there's our Lily. There was a time not so long ago when I thought Anna was the most mischievous one year old in the world. And then Lily turned one. And now I don't think Anna held a candle to Lily's mischief!

Lily is so silly. If I take my eyes off her for a second she's into something she shouldn't be. Be it the dog bowl, the toilet, or the pantry. I'm pretty sure she'll be the child who flushes my keys down the toilet or eats my wedding ring. But she's so stinking sweet. She almost always has a smile on her face, and has an adorable laugh. Lily almost always has a baby doll with her and in my totally unbiased opinion says the word "baby" in one of the cutest voices. She also says please really well, and is getting the hang of thank you. Lily and Jack have a very sweet relationship, and Lily reminds me a lot of how Jack was when he was a toddler.

So that's what these girls of mine have been doing lately. Keeping their mommy on her toes(or more accurately on her knees praying for wisdom!), but yet making me smile and providing endless amounts of laughter in the process


  1. I'm sure they'll be wonderful friends! My older girls are 14 months apart, and they are inseparable! :)

  2. Hey...remember that your dear old Father figure had curly hair. dear beautiful granddaughter Anna has it!


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