Thursday, May 19, 2011


-As of late I've been enjoying just having one child in diapers(during the day).

-As of late I've been feeling as if the days are passing slower and slower.

-As of late, I'm trying to remind myself that once baby arrives I'll want the days to pass slower!

-As of late, our new house is truly starting to feel like "home."

-As of late I'm thankful for three little helpers who love to load the washing machine and dryer, and find watching the washing machine spin almost as entertaining as watching Dora. 

-As of late I've been incredibly convicted by reading the book of James.

-As of late I'm thankful for the first day in a week I've had my computer back! Just in case you were wondering spilling coffee all over you lap top is NEVER a good idea!

-As of late I'm thankful for a husband who knows how to fix just about anything(including coffee drowned computers), and who hasn't made too much fun of me because of it. :)


  1. It always seems as if things slow down when we are waiting for things :)

    I use to try and avoid the book of James for the reason you listed!

    So glad your new house is beginning to feel like home...and your husband fixed your drowned computer :)

    So glad you could join us this month Jessica!

  2. Sounds like things are pretty good around your home. It's so true that days are either dragging by or speeding by...

  3. Only one in diapers...whoo hoo!!!!!


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