Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Treat your Child..

"Respect your children more than your closest friends.” -Susan Bradrick

Isn't that a challenging quote? How convicted I was when I first read that!

To be clear, I don't think respecting our children more than our closest friends means that we should treat them as our friends. I absolutely believe that God has ordained parents to be in charge.

I do think that respecting our children means that we don't whine to our friends every time we deal with disobedience. That we take them somewhere private when discipline is required. That when a grandmother, or baby sitter, tells us our child acted up that day we don't roll our eyes and trade stories of how they've been acting that same way at home. That we aren't guilty of comparing our child to another child. That we're consistent in our training even when the grandparents are around. And it means giving your children some grace by making sure their basic needs are met before any form of discipline takes place.

I've had friends tell me that I don't always paint a very nice picture of motherhood. I'm guilty of focusing on the negative, and letting my emotions control me. I need this reminder more than anyone else. But I want that to change. I want my children to know how much they are adored, and I want them to know their mommy respects them enough to not air their dirty laundry to everyone she meets. I'm not saying we shouldn't seek the wisdom and counsel of others, or that we shouldn't ask for prayer when a child is causing us consistent challenges. I just want to be careful.

God says that children are a blessing from Him. I want to start acting like it!



  1. You're so wise. (not said with any sarcasm!) I was just catching up cause I haven't read your blog in a while and have been very encouraged (and challenged...and amused! lol)


  2. This really hit home for me today! I, too, am guilty of focusing on the bad and letting my emotions control me. I have been having issues with fighting between my children, but can see the same issues in myself that they are fighting over. Why do we expect our children to act better than we do? Thank you for this post...I am going to link to your blog on my 'followed blogs' list on my site. Have encouraged me today! Thank you!


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