Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I's Putting on Make up!

"I's puttin' on make up!" my gorgeous brown eyed girl proudly declared.

Glancing up from what I was doing, I saw that Anna had in fact carefully dotted diaper rash cream all over her face and was trying to rub it in.

Startled (and a little amused) I picked up the tube of Destin and asked,"Why did you put this on your face?"

Too which Anna smiled impishly and replied,"Cuz I's mommy!"

I've been noticing lately that Anna wants to be where I am and she wants to be doing what I'm doing. She loves to comfort her baby sister, and tries to tell her big brother what to do. It's not at all unusual for Jack and Lily to be playing around me while Anna is asking to help do the dishes. She's only two, but already she understands that her and mommy have something in common. 

I don't know what she'll grow into, and I'm not naive enough to think that Anna will always love helping me in the kitchen. However, God's word is clear that older women should teach the younger women, and I believe that teaching should begin now.

And I feel woefully inadequate at teaching her anything! I have so much to learn when it comes to keeping a home, that I hardly feel qualified to be considered an "older" woman to someone, let alone my own daughter! What's even scarier is that no amount of teaching I give my girls is going to mean anything if I'm not living out these principles. It's a huge responsibility, but I believe the Lord will be faithful to give me what I need in order to fulfill this task.

"We must understand our responsibility to pass on this language from mother to daughter. For while God clearly calls all older women to school the younger women in the art of biblical womanhood (Titus 2:3-5), one of the most important teacher-student relationships is between a mother and her daughter. We have an exciting task, an assignment from God Himself to transfer these feminine attributes from one generation to the next. This is our mother-daughter purpose. Our mission." Carolyn Mahaney

Raising Homemakers

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  1. Well said. It's so easy to see all that "help" as just a frustration rather than a chance to teach them.


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