Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Surviving life with three kids two and under

I was going to title this post, "Thriving in my life with three kids two and under," but let's face it, no one would believe that! At least not since it's only been a month since we've had Lily. Maybe in a few months we could say I was thriving, but by then I might not have three kids two and under since Jack will be turning three in July. Life is good, though. Really busy, but that's how I like things.

One thing I have discovered in the last month is that I am so thankful Jack and Anna are on a basic schedule. I really don't know how any of us would have survived if they weren't. Most mornings begin around eight with breakfast and Bible time followed by play time, video time(which is strategically placed around 11 also known as their grumpy time!) and story time. My basic goals for each day are to spend time playing with and enjoying my little ones and staying on top of laundry and dishes. Anything else that gets accomplished is just an extra gold star for me to put on my chart. :-)

Something else Erik and I are trying to start doing is taking Jack or Anna out by themselves whenever we run errands around town. Since Lily is virtually attached to me most hours of the day I don't really feel like she's too starved for attention! So far I've only taken the three of them out once to our MOPS meeting last week, and it went really well! It was just a little tiring making sure Jack didn't run off and maneuvering Anna and Lily so no one got dropped. Thankfully once we got to MOPS the other moms were happy to help.

As I said before Jack, Anna, and Lily are all doing really well. Jack and Anna have done awesome with Lily, and there has not been too much jealousy so far. I do think this has been tougher on Erik and I this time around, just because we want to enjoy cuddling on our sweet Lily and spending time with Jack and Anna, but there is also so much else that needs done every day. Since Erik was only able to take a few days off from school when Lily was born, we have all had to learn to adjust to our new life a lot quicker than when we had Jack and Anna. I'm not saying that it's been bad or anything, it's just been crazy! But I wouldn't trade my life with three kids two and under for absolutely anything. And there's no one else I'd rather spend my life learning to adjust with than my wonderful husband and kids.

I realize this isn't the best family picture, but it was the best we could do with our timer! Hopefully in the near future we'll be having someone else do our family portrait, though I think I'd like to lose some more baby weight before then!

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  1. hehehe...I love that picture of Jack and Anna reading!!!


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