Friday, March 12, 2010

My failed Highlighting attempt

If you know me and have seen me in the last week you will have noticed that my hair is darker. Well there is a reason for that beyond just me wanting a change. Last week I decide I really wanted to have my hair back to being blond. But since money's tight right now I figured I could just go to Wal Mart and buy some blond hair color and do it at home. I was so excited at the possibility of figuring out a way to keep my hair blond and not have to spend sixty dollars every time to get it done. Plus I was excited that I wouldn't have to leave for two hours during the day and figure out someone to watch the kids and pump.

But alas it was not meant to be. As soon as the kids were in bed and Erik had left to go work out last Friday evening(yes I actually thought I would surprise him with pretty blond hair when he came home!) I went right to work running the highlights through my hair. I waited awhile, washed it out, and anxiously dried it. When it was wet I thought it looked a little orange, but I figured surely when it was dry it would look the way it was suppose to. Unfortunately once my hair was dry I discovered that not only was my hair orange at the roots, but it was streaked with chunks of yellow and orange, and in some places blond. Erik picked that moment to walk in the door. Imagine his surprise seeing his wife covering her head and repeating, "I messed up so bad!" He assured me that it looked all right(ha!) and we went to bed.

The next day when the sun was out and we could really see the damage that was done to my hair, I decided to just dye it all one color. So Saturday night found my husband dying my hair(which is a whole other post!) and now I am brunette! Hopefully I'll be blond again one day soon, but for now I think I'll be leaving the highlights to the professionals!

To read about more people who have failed this week, check out Mrya's blog at My Blessed Life.


  1. I had to laugh about your hubby saying it looked all right! :) My hubby would probably say the very same thing!

  2. Oh no you poor dear, but that is so funny. :)

  3. It always make me a little nervous to dye my hair! You should try the Natural Instints one, because it washes out after so many washes. That makes it feel safer, right? Koodos to your husband for dying your hair back, even though it was an experience, haha! :)


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