Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at the Saltsgaver's

Our Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. We hadn't put any gifts out until the kids went to bed, because we wanted them to be surprised in the morning.

Miss Anna enjoying the stuffed dog she got from Erik's aunt and uncle. It's a battery charged dog that barks, giggles, and rolls over, and Anna is absolutely in love with it. She most certainly gets her love of animals from her daddy!

The kids enjoying their new fish tank. We put a towel over it, and let the kids pull it off on Christmas Morning.

The mini drum set was the gift that trumped all others for Jack. He adores those drums, much to Erik's delight! When he's coloring, which used to be his all time favorite activity, he'll say, "Can I please get down so I can play the drums?"

The face of one very happy and worn out little boy on Christmas. We had such a great day celebrating and relaxing with each other!

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