Saturday, December 26, 2009

The 2 year old, the Grinch, and the Baby Jesus

Hey, everybody, I am working on a Christmas post, but since it will have lots of pictures in it, it is going to be awhile before it's posted. Just thought I'd share an interesting story with you all about my 2 year old.

Erik and I have been together for five years, and every Christmas Eve since we have always went and looked at Christmas lights. This year we were so looking forward to sharing this tradition with Jack and Anna since they are old enough to see the lights and be excited about them. After our dinner on Christmas Eve we bundled them in their Christmas pajamas, cranked up the Christmas music, and set about our way.

We were happily stopping at the many houses lit up, and pointing out the things we figured the kids would love to see. One of the houses had a gigantic Grinch standing out in front of it with an evil grin on his face. We didn't really comment on it, but when Jack saw it he freaked out, and started screaming, "No more!" repeatedly. We moved onto another house, but Jack had his mind made up that there would be no more looking at Christmas lights that night, and to make things even stranger he kept repeating, "No more Baby Jesus! No more Baby Jesus!" Somehow the kid got it in his head that the Grinch was the Baby Jesus! Nevermind the fact that Jack has seen many Nativity scenes throughout this month, never mind the fact that we have a nativity scene in our house, Jack's mind was made up that the Grinch was in fact baby Jesus.

We thought it was weird, but figured he was probably tired, and we would take them out again Christmas night after they'd had a little rest. So Christmas night rolls around, my inlaws are over enjoying some presents and watching the kids play with all their new toys, when we announce that we are going to go look at Christmas lights again. Jack stops what he's doing, gets very serious, and says, "No more. Please no more! No more baby Jesus!" We were very surprised by his reaction, because like I said, it's not as if we haven't been talking with Jack about why we have Christmas, and why we pray, and he's never had an issue before. We quickly changed the subject and told him we were going to go for a drive with Froggie(his beloved stuffed animal.)

Off we went for the second time, Jack was a nervous wreck, but finally he started to calm down, and by the time we were almost done looking at lights he was very excited. We steered clear of any Grinch's we saw at any houses. When we got home and were getting the kids ready for bed, I brought out the Mary figurine that I have that's holding the Baby, and told Jack, "See this is the baby Jesus!" Relief came over Jack's face, and this morning when he woke up, he walked right up to the manger scene and said, "Good morning, Baby Jesus!" Something tells me we'll be asking God for lots of wisdom throughout our kids lives.

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