Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Days!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a yard full of beautiful snow. By the time the day was over we had gotten over a foot of the stuff! Snow really seems to bring out my inner child. I don't remember a single winter growing up that wasn't spent sledding, building snow forts, and attempting to make snow men(I'm terrible at making those things!)

Three of my kids seem to share my enthusiasm for snow too. Anna especially becomes like a little puppy, begging to go back outside and only coming back inside when we tell her its time. Max, however, HATES snow. He hates being cold, so snow is like his nemesis or something. A memory I'm still cracking up about from last month is that of my dad pulling the kids on a sled and Max throwing a huge fit yelling,"I don't like it!" All while Lily, Jack, and Anna are having the time of their lives. To each there own, I guess. :)

So yesterday and today have been spent wonderfully snowed in. Today has actually been too cold to be out playing, since it's below zero, but we made sure to enjoy yesterday as best as we could. We've spent the last two days drinking plenty of hot chocolate(and plenty of coffee for me!), baking cinnamon rolls and red velvet cookies(snow also puts me in the mood to bake), and watching (possibly) too many movies. But hey the kids had never seen Lady and the Tramp or I Love Lucy reruns, so obviously we had to remedy that, and it's not like we're doing much else right now. :)

Schools around us have been cancelled today, and they probably are going to be tomorrow too, but since it's perfectly safe to walk to the kitchen table, I'm planning on starting school back up tomorrow(aren't I so mean?). We pretty well took the entire month off in December due to the fact that we passed around sickness for the first couple of weeks, and then the week before Christmas we were travelling and visiting family.

I hope everyone's staying safe(and warm) in this weather!

Anyone else out there love snow as much as me and Anna? Or are you all more like Max;)?


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