Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas in January, Menu & Goals

This past weekend we were (finally!) able to celebrate Christmas with Erik's family. We had a lot of fun eating Korean food and opening gifts.

Anna and Lily are completely in love with the movie Frozen, so my in laws got the girls Princess Anna and Queen Elsa dresses(they were beyond thrilled.) 

On Saturday afternoon Erik and his dad took Jack and Max to a car show in St. Louis while the girls, Luke, my mother in law and I stayed home and spent some time together.

After my in laws left, Erik sent me out alone for a few hours while he put the kids to bed and fed them dinner. I married a good man. :)

Later that night I got to talk to my best friend for over 2 hours, we hadn't talked in about a month, and even when it was time to hang up we still had a million things still to discuss(this is very normal for us. :)

Sunday was spent going to church, and resting. Definitely the best way to spend Sundays!



Breakfast- Peanut butter toast, eggs & blueberry muffins, pumpkin oatmeal x 2, breakfast cookies

Lunch- peanutbutter & Jelly , Grilled cheese, Stirfry noodles, leftovers

Dinner- Refried beans with rice, chips & cheese, and carrot sticks
Homemade pizza with salad
pancakes & eggs
baked chicken with potatoes & broccoli



Get up by 5:30 Monday-Friday.
Go to bed by 10(see previous goal).
Exercise 5 times this week.
Finish Voyage of the Vikings & Milly Molly Mandy with the kids and begin reading My Father's Dragon.
Continue memorizing Philippians 2:1-2 with the kids(we are working on memorizing Philippians 2:1-18.)

How was everyone else's weekend? Anyone got anything yummy on their menu? I feel like I've gotten in a little bit of a rut lately with food, and I need inspiration! :)

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  1. The past month I have had Tuna Casserole, Beef Fried Rice, Homemade Mac+Cheese, Sour Cream Noddle Bake and some others. All the recipes I found off of google, or allrecipes. Every so often... or almost always :) I fall into a rut with dinner too and then I am so glad to have some new ideas! I like your goals! And I love the movie Frozen too!!! =)

  2. I agree that church and resting is a great way to spend your Sunday. I tried a new enchilada recipe last night which was super good!

  3. Hey I know that best friend! ;) Was going to suggest one tonight..but then saw you had a date night. Oh well! Soon! Oh, and I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog tonight :) Such encouraging stuff to be reading, thanks!


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