Monday, August 5, 2013


Yesterday morning I posted this as my facebook status:

And I just caught my 3 year old trying to take a pregnancy test..

Then later that day I posted this picture:

Photo: In honor of national breastfeeding week.. Ahem

In case you can't quite tell what this is a picture of this is Lily "pumping." Ahem.

I had this thought afterwards that it probably doesn't seem like I get too much privacy around here. Which is true, of course, because that's just what comes with the mommy territory.

But there are times where, say, I'm using the bathroom and I have a plethora of children pounding on the door, that I'll say,"You really need to give mommy her privacy right now."

The other day I said this and a little while later Anna brought me one of Luke's pacifiers, and proudly declares,"Here's your privacy, Mama!"(Apparently she thought privacy was the same thing as "paci.")

Hmm, no wonder I can't get any privacy around here. :)


  1. You and Erik should blog every day! I love reading them. You are both such fantastic story-tellers! Love hearing about your kiddos!

  2. Oh my goodness, crack me up!!!


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