Friday, August 30, 2013

Life according to Instagram

Back in May, my phone accidentally got dropped in a glass of water. I put it in a jar of rice for a few days, but sadly the camera was forever broken. My contract came up last month and I have been enjoying taking pictures and playing on Instagram again. Here's some of my favorites I've taken recently(and hopefully I'll be able to share more, in the weeks to come, as long as I can keep my phone away from water glasses!)

Photo: Sweet baby

Sweet baby getting ready to go back to bed for the night.

Photo: Staying up past bed time & helping make big sisters cake :)

Anna's birthday was last week(which I'm getting ready to post about), and I decided to let Lily stay up after everyone else had gone to bed and help me make her cake. We had so much fun spending some one on one time together!

For Anna's birthday Erik and I took her to Build a bear. She was SO excited to get Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.

These three boys bring so much joy to this Mama's heart.

Late night cuddles.

Picnic fun!

Sister love. :)


  1. Wonderful pictures!! I love seeing your sweet family and reading your posts....not sure if it makes me miss you more or less ;)

  2. Yeah, what she said^^^^^! I really do look forward to your blog posts and watching the kiddos grow!


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