Monday, March 19, 2012

My fifteen Minutes(more or less...;)

Every afternoon, after I've laid my babies down for their naps, I can be found drinking some coffee and munching on some dark chocolate. Perhaps I'm reading a book or reading blogs. I used to feel guilty taking this time every afternoon, but I've found that taking a little bit of time to relax gives me a much better attitude for the rest of the day. I jokingly refer to this time as "Mommy's sanity time."

Coffee and dark chocolate

What do the rest of you do for your "sanity time?"

These Five of Mine

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  1. Replies
    1. Oh I WISH that was mine!! It'd probably be better for me than chocolate..;)

  2. Sometimes I save my lunch for while the kids nap so I can enjoy it without having someone try to eat mine because they've already scarfed down their own. I do my blog reading and other stuff.

    1. I do that sometimes too! For some reason, it's very important to me to eat my lunch in peace!

  3. I am with you on the coffee / tea and chocolate. Some days, I think it's the first time I breathe all day! I also find it encouraging to read, lay down (feet up), and nap. I've tried computer and pilates, but I really feel rested on if I actually rest. So my question is: what will we do when they aren't napping anymore?


    1. LOL, I find myself asking that same question! And, yes, just resting is so important. :)


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