Friday, November 18, 2011



I desire so much to grow as a Christian. Most days I feel like I'm taking two steps forward one step back. I know most Christians feel this way, but I feel like I'm particularly stubborn. I want to be one of those women whose love for the Savior shines, who others want to be around, but I fear I look too much like the rest of the world.  More importantly, I want my husband and children to see my love for Jesus, and for my children I want them to see that love and desire to walk with Him. I want to encourage my husband to continue walking with the Lord.

But, like I said I fall so short. I let my emotions control me, I allow fear to drive me. I struggle with selfishness every minute of every day. Then I remember none of us have "arrived", not even the Christians who look like they have it all together. We all struggle with our sin nature. We all need grace to get through the day. And every time I die to my selfishness or my fears, I am that much closer to growing stronger in my faith.



  1. Visiting from the Gypsy Mama.

    I share your struggle, wanting to grow as a Christian and have others see the fruit. And it is a struggle. We will be on a spiritual battlefield in this broken world until the Lord comes again. Thankfully we are promised that where sin abounds, graces abounds much more. (Romans 5:20)

    It sounds like you are on the right track. May God bless you and your family as you continue to grow in Him.

  2. It's not easy with seven kids but I think the idea is just to show up so He can see you are willing to show up...make Him a priority in your day.
    Everything else just starts to fall into place.


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