Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Storms and Babies

I've never been one to get terribly worked up over weather. Tornadoes and thunderstorms are just a fact of life in Illinois. Then a few years ago our town had an unexpected earthquake. That was a bit scary, but it still didn't necessarily bother me. 

Yep I used to be calm and in control of myself whenever bad weather hit. 

Until I had babies.

It's pretty pitiful, people. And I've been even worse  since we moved last month. I get panicky the second I hear a storm is coming. Some of it probably has to do with the tree that's above Jack's room, and some of it probably has to do with the fact that our new house has a lot more windows that could potentially shatter and hurt one of the kids, and then again a lot of it could just be me not being quite used to our new home yet. Whatever the reason, storms make me a nervous wreck!

For example, last night we had severe weather coming through. My husband was debating whether or not we should just head down to our cellar, or go down the block to his parents house. His parents have an incredibly nice basement and weather radios, cable, and plenty of flashlights. Ordinarily I would've left the decision up to Erik, and probably would've preferred staying home. But not last night. Last night I just wanted everyone out of the house just in case things got really bad.

I think his family was a little amused when we showed up about two minutes before the storm hit, but knowing we were in about the safest place we could possibly be made me feel so much better. 

The kids did great seeing as how we had to wake them up and put them in the car at 10 o' clock at night! Jack and Lily laid their heads on both sides of my stomach and drifted in and out of sleep. Anna was excited to be on an adventure and was keeping all of us entertained. They weren't even scared when they came home to a completely pitch black home. They just wanted something to drink before going back to bed(which was hilarious because they knew whose cup was whose even in the dark!) 

There was a time when I'd smile or roll my eyes at my mom when she'd worry about all the potential bad things that could happen to my brother or I. Now I see where she was coming from. 


  1. I am the exact same way! Hardly worried about storms until babies came along. I grew up in a mobile home, so we always went to somewhere safer but it wasn't really scary. In the house we live in now, we don't really have a safe place to go, except in a hallway.

  2. Remember that cellar we had at Lewistown? Used it a couple times wasn't it awful/


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