Thursday, April 14, 2011

The LONG days

Spring is finally here! I'm so happy winter is over, but when the inevitable cold and rainy spring days come our way, the days stuck inside with little ones seem to last forever. Here are some ideas I've come up with to make the time go by faster, and keep the little people entertained.

1. Do bath time in the morning instead of the evening.

2. Pull out some measuring cups and bowls and fill them up with beans, rice, and water. Let the little people in your life pour to their hearts content. Sure it will get messy, but if your kids are anything like mine they'll be entertained for a long time.

3. Bake and decorate cupcakes! And let the kids lick the egg beaters. ;)

4.Have their stuffed animals "read" them stories. My kids love this!

5. Go to you tube, find some favorite songs(our favorite is Sovereign Grace Kids), pull off couch cushions and pull out blankets, and let them go to town building "mountains" and tents. It might be a good excuse to clean underneath the furniture too!

6. And if all else fails, rent a movie you know the kids would love to see, pop pocorn, and enjoy snuggling in front of a movie.

What things have you thought of to do on the loooong days?


  1. Those are fun ideas:) We have been so stinkin busy lately we haven't seemed to notice the rainy days too much. Where do you live??

  2. I totally do the bath time in the morning thing - they love it!

    We do lots of play dough, painting and playing in a tent.

    A friend just told me she bought a HUGE bag of pinto bins, put it in a big tupperware and gave her 4 and 2 year old different containers. They played for close to an hour with that. I might try that when the days get SUPER hot here.


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