Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speaking Truth

Last Friday I was at a Moms group meeting(similar to MOPS, but not directly affiliated.) During our small group discussion, the subject of teaching our children to speak the truth in love came up. One of my friends pointed out that the only reason we know anything at all about God is because the Holy Spirit revealed it to us. That comment made me stop in my tracks

You see, I tend to be a black and white person. Sure I believe there are some areas that God has given us the freedom to choose in, but when it comes to direct principles and commands laid out in the Bible I tend to not have any patience with Christians who interpret things differently than I do. But the truth is, the only reason I have any knowledge whatsoever is because God has seen fit to reveal it to me. Yelling and arguing with someone who interprets things differently isn't going to change their mind, and it isn't going to make for a very good witness to people who aren't believers. 

The very fact that the Lord would reveal anything to me should be enough to keep me humble when dealing with others, but unfortunately that's not always the case. But there has to be a way to speak the Truth in love. If there wasn't, then it would be impossible to be a Biblical Christian. And as I've been considering this topic in the last few days, I think one key to speaking the Truth in love is by remembering Who revealed it to us in the first place. 

If we can remember that, imagine how humble and loving we could be when  it is time to defend what we believe!

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