Thursday, November 4, 2010

Explosions and Blue Vans

Myra is hosting Friday fails again this week, and in the last week I've had my share of fails, so I thought I'd share two of mine from this last week!

My first fail was last Thursday. We had to go to a visitation about an hour away from our house. Right before we left, Jack decided to dump a container of formula into the diaper bag. We were in such a rush to get out the door that I didn't bother to repack it, and just grabbed the kids snacks and cups. Of course as soon as Erik scooped Lily out of her car seat, he noticed a strange smell. Sure enough Miss Lily had exploded all over her new dress, and I had no change of clothes or wipes with me(thankfully we had a diaper out in the van!) Poor Lily had to hang out at the funeral home with just her diaper on while Erik and I tried to find the nearest Wal Mart in an unfamiliar town!

The next fail I have had has kind of been an ongoing one in the last week. I keep trying to get into the wrong car! It's getting ridiculous, apparently I think every blue van belongs to me. Thankfully I have yet to actually get in any of these cars and try to drive off. I think motherhood is causing me to lose my mind...

For more fails check out Myra's blog!

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