Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby # 4

I know, I know. After Lily made her announcement, her mommy left the blogosphere for a few weeks and never gave any details. So here is the scoop. About three months ago, we became a little suspicious that I might be expecting again. We were not "trying" to get pregnant, but we absolutely believe children are a blessing, and are very excited about having another child.

I have been feeling all right. This has probably been the easiest pregnancy as far as morning sickness(perhaps my body is used to pregnancies?!), but I have been quite a bit a tad more emotional lately. I will be 12 weeks on Saturday, making my due date June 18. So for a little over month we will have four children under the age of three! Plus my husband graduates in May, so more than likely he will be starting a new job(Lord willing) and that potentially means we will be moving. I do believe life will be crazy next summer.

People have mostly been very sweet and excited when we've told them we are expecting again, but we have had some negative reactions. Thankfully, we serve a sovereign God who knows exactly what He is doing, so we rest on that promise.

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  1. He does know exactly what he's doing...even when we want to question. Isn't it so much more peaceful knowing he's sovereign?!?!

    *hugs* hopefully you won't move too far so these babies can grow up together!!


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