Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Zoo

A couple of days ago Erik and I decided that if the weather was nice we would try to take the kids to the zoo on Monday. We figured it would be a good time to go since summer break hasn't started yet and hopefully it wouldn't be too crowded. Normally I am not what you would call an animal lover(that's putting it mildly), but my kids (well Jack and Anna, Lily's still a little young) love them so I was looking forward to seeing their reactions.

This was taken as we passed the Arch. Jack exclaimed, "Mommy look at that big heart!"

Anna was just sure she could pet that chimpanzee. It was pretty funny, because when we were standing at the exhibit none of the chimps would come down to the glass, but once everyone and Anna and I were getting ready to walk away, the chimp came down.

The face of a very worn out and hot little boy. Did I mention it was almost 100 degrees yesterday?

I thought this was a cute picture. Erik is taking Jack and Anna to see the amphibians, but Anna got scared of the room they were in, so Erik and Jack got to get some one on one time.

It was a pretty good day, though we were definitely exhausted by the time it was over. The kids were in bed by seven last night, and we went to bed before ten! We did have a lot of fun spending a little time together doing something out of the ordinary.


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