Saturday, May 8, 2010

3 months

Dear Lily,

You are three months old today! I can't believe you are only three months, it seems like you have always been part of our family. At three months old you are proving to be quite the happy baby. We still haven't heard you laugh out loud yet, but you try so hard. Usually you make a noise like you're about to crack up, but all you get out is a squeal(which is pretty darn cute!) At the last well baby checkup we had, you were already over 13 pounds and about 22 inches. You definitely have some chubbiness going on! I think you might be getting a little sensitive about it, though, because you've pushed yourself back from a three hour feeding schedule to a four. And there is absolutely no feeding you earlier than that!

You are getting close to sleeping through the night, you generally get up around ten to eat and then get up between 4:30 or 5:30. You take really good naps, though it is tough for you to sleep in the morning when your bubby and sissy are running around making noise, but you're afternoon naps are about 3 hours long! You startle very easily, much to your daddy's amusement. You hate it when someone blows raspberry's on you, and right before you get upset you stick your bottom lip out and try hard not to cry. Which is very cute.

From the minute you were born, you have known who you mama is. Most of the time if I just pick you up you'll stop crying, and that is how it's been from day one. Your brother and sister were kind of like that, but I remember it happening more when they were a couple of weeks old. That absolutely melts me! You either like to be held facing out so you can see everything, or you like to be on your back looking around. You love to watch Jack and Anna play, but we have to be careful laying you on the floor when their running around! We love you so much, Lily Faith. You bring
so much joy to our lives!

Love you!


  1. sweet! I can't believe she's already three months!!!


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