Monday, February 10, 2014

Making Ponies & Wearing Wings

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Photo: Happy fourth birthday Lily! And yes she's wearing wings and a crown..#dontjudge :)

Saturday marked the beginning of the birthday madness we have around here. From now until September we will have at least one birthday celebration a month. It gets a little crazy, but we really love celebrating birthdays, so it's fun.

My sweet and feisty Lily turned four this past weekend! We had so much fun celebrating her special day. The night before her birthday Erik and I took her on a date. This is something we try to do with the kids for their birthdays. It really is such a sweet time. I love seeing their personalities shine through when they're alone.

Friday night, we took her out to dinner at Chik fil a, and then headed to build a bear for her birthday present from us. She decided to build a Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. It was really funny because the entire time we were out with her she kept talking about Anna, and what she wanted to get Anna for her birthday. I think it's safe to say that those two are best friends. :)
Photo: Me and the birthday girl!:)

My parents were here for Lily's actual birthday, so we spent the day celebrating with them. She got some princess dress up, and a little baby doll that she immediately named "Flower." She also declared her baby doll the "perfect present!" We finished the birthday festivities off with some pizza, strawberry cake, and chocolate milk.

On a completely different note, don't you love how kids ask for such simple meals?! :)



Breakfast- Eggs, cheerios, Nutella on toast, pumpkin oatmeal

Lunch- Grilled Cheese, Salads, peanut butter& jelly, carrot sticks, sweet peppers, and apples and oranges for sides

Dinners- Tacos, Tortellini Soup(although I won't get to make this in my crock pot. Both of mine broke last week.) Homemade cheese pizzas, Red velvet pancakes with eggs and candied bacon(because I feel like showing some valentines day love), whole chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli/salad,


1. Give the kids a really fun and special valentines day(more on that later.)

2. Exercise four times this week, and continue to track points on weight watchers.

3. Read My Father's Dragon to the kids.

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