Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Unbaked "Biscuit"

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Photo: 2 .5 months old already..

So there's this really convicting, and encouraging book I've just finished reading called Fit to Burst. There's this one chapter in the book(probably my favorite chapter) called The Unbaked Biscuit. In it she describes the guilt cycle that often happens in motherhood when you're wanting to do something nice for your children but can't seem to find the time or energy.

I thought of biscuits. I would like to be a person who makes biscuits for my hungry children. I do not feel like making biscuits right now. I will make biscuits another time. I will have time when I am not tired and feeling fat. The kids won’t know. I wish I had made biscuits. I could have made biscuits. I’m such a bad mom who doesn’t make biscuits. I am not as good as all the moms who are everywhere in this stupid world making biscuits. People who talk about making biscuits are self-righteous. I hate biscuits. They make me feel guilty. Jesus loves me! Biscuits or not! Jesus doesn’t care that I didn’t make biscuits. Home free! Biscuit-free! (Desiring God)
But then she goes on to point out, that while yes it's true that Jesus loves us regardless of our biscuit making abilities(or our decorating skills, or our desire to play with our children) the reality is that if we truly believe Jesus loves us and that he died for us we will change. We will want to do something to show those around us we love them.
But His blood will change you. When Jesus is all, things happen. When you believe to your core that you are forgiven and loved, one of the first things that happens is you start doing things. Fruit is intimately connected with forgiveness. When we are forgiven, we do not gallop out into a life of ambiguity and indifference. We do not become great negotiators of whether or not it matters that we aren’t doing things. We become filled with gratitude, love, joy, and peace. And then, having a firm foundation of another’s righteousness, we are free to go out and do...But He cares very much what you do with it. Having been given it, go out and . . . reflect on all the things that you don’t have to do? be embittered by every appearance of work? despise anything that doesn’t come easily to you, that might be difficult? choose to be above the physical world? look down on sisters who are getting more done than you?
How often am I guilty of thinking,"We should go to the park/play a board game/ go out for lunch/ bake cookies." Then before long that thought turns into,"There's just so much work to do around here. The kids will never know I was planning something fun to do with them. Look at them they're happy! No need to put more work on myself."
And that's all true, of course. I am busy. There is a lot of housework that needs to get done. They are each others best friends. But, isn't it good to show our children how much we delight in them by actually doing things with them? I mean, I can tell them until I'm blue in the face what a blessing I think they are, and while that's good, I'm pretty sure sitting down and spending time with them, doing things they enjoy, and surprising them with special outings will enforce those words so much more. 
"Then, after you have remembered the strength of your salvation, go out and do something with it. Find ways to use what you have been given to freely bless those around you. Tie on an apron and dust yourself lightly with flour. You are not here in this world to work your salvation in (thank God), you are here to work it out."
Do the rest of you ever struggle with this? What would be your "unbaked biscuit?"

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  1. Oh girl, love this. Reminds me of something my Dad always says: proper faith in Christ produces proper works - we love because He first loved us!
    I've felt that guilt many times, too tired. Just yesterday Sprig asked me to do some "crapses" (crafts, haha) and I felt terrible because we hadn't done any "craps" in a while. ;) So, we pulled out the glue and stickers and made huge messes that I cleaned up after they went to bed. It was totally worth it.

    LOVE that sweet baby up there, too! Cutie!


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