Monday, June 10, 2013


Photo: Birthday drama

My sweet Max is two today. As you can see from the picture he wasn't too thrilled with his cake(which is funny because last year on his first birthday he refused to eat his cake too!) This year he didn't refuse, but I think the candle concerned him.:) Once it was gone he was more than happy to eat the icing, and then was even more thrilled to discover the Thomas the Train plate his cupcake had been sitting on.

I love birthdays. I love making birthdays as special as I can for the people I love, and my goal for Erik and the kids birthday is always to show them how special they are to me. It's usually nothing too big, cake, balloons, a special outing perhaps, and usually a specific gift. The birthday child gets to pick the meals(which works great because generally my kids request super simple things like pizza or hot dogs.) 

Photo: Poor Max...;)

Today we decided to take Max to the zoo. It had been about a year since we had last been, so we figured that'd be something he'd really enjoy. It was a fun and tiring day, finished off with pizza and birthday cupcakes for dinner. 

Max is a pretty laid back little guy(although not afraid to voice his opinions), he's cuddly, and also a bit more rough and tumble than Jack was at this age. He likes to keep up with everyone else, and has a little bit of a stubborn streak in him. The older three kids still think of him as a baby, and will even tell me sometimes,"Oh, mommy, he's just a baby!" 

He really likes Luke, but we are definitely working on what is means to be gentle. He's a Papa and Daddy's boy through and through. 

Happy Birthday, Max! We love you so very much, and pray you will grow into a godly man who walks with the Lord!

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