Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School

Why yes my five year old did try to wear this for his first day of school. Aww the beauty of home schooling! Though he didn't wear it very long, apparently it's difficult to work on memorization with a knight helmet on.

This past Monday we officially started kindergarten. On Mondays we go to a group called Classical Conversations, so technically Tuesday was our first official day of home school. So far it's going pretty well. Jack is doing very well with his memory work and reading, and Anna is enjoying learning her letters and numbers. And everyone enjoys reading books with mommy. :)

My plan for now is to do school while Max is taking his morning nap. Lily being the crazy ball of energy that she is doesn't always care for sitting at the table and coloring/ looking at books, but it's only the second day and I'm still figuring things out. My basic plan for the next couple of months is to get Jack reading and writing well, and to do our CC work. I also plan on reading a lot of good books, and sending him outside to play a lot! In a few months I'll probably start adding in some more things, but for right now I feel like this a good balance.

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  1. You go, Jessica! Starting out is hard! i am in the same boat.... but never fear, we will get it all figured out! .....about the time they graduate. :)

    1. Haha, and then we can give them all sorts of advice for our grandchildren!:)

  2. Great job! I'm excited to learn from you since I'll get to do in in a couple years :)

    1. Thank you, Kelly! Hopefully in a couple of years I'll have something to share!:)

  3. He looks so cute in his outfit :). Yay for homeschooling!! I recently heard about classical conversations. I am looking forward to reading about your homeschooling. This is our 7th year homeschooling and I am still learning. I look at it as a journey that all 8 of us are on together :). Have a great week!


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