Sunday, August 26, 2012

Details and a Thank you

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments here, and on my facebook! Telling people you're expecting your fifth child in five years is a little....nerve wracking, to say the least. Generally speaking, with each pregnancy we wait a little longer to tell people we are expecting another child, mainly for fear of what the reactions are going to be. However, with this one I started "showing" literally within the first week, so we started telling people a little earlier! Thankfully for the most part people have been very sweet and encouraging, though we have had to deal with some negative reactions. So here's a little more details, for those of you who are interested;

- I'm 10 weeks along, and am feeling much better than I was a couple of weeks ago. But my morning sickness has not been nearly as bad as it was with Lily or Max( with those pregnancies I had to be put on medicine.)

-We actually do believe in some forms of birth control. We have personal convictions against the pill and other things like that, but we are not against other methods- though none of them seem to work for us! :)

-With that being said, no this wasn't a "planned" pregnancy, but ultimately we believe God is sovereign in all situations, and we firmly believe children are blessings from Him. And even though the thought of having a fifth baby is a little overwhelming, I am clinging to the promise that I can do all things through Christ.

-Max will actually be able to claim himself as the baby longer than any of my other kids. I was telling someone yesterday that I've never had a baby turn one and not been at least 5 months pregnant. Max will be 20 months old when the baby, Lord willing, is born in March.

We are very much looking forward to meeting this baby, and the kids are all very excited to have another brother or sister to play with. Thanks again for all of your encouragement, it meant so much to me!

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  1. You're only a week behind me, how fun!!! I think it's such a shame when you have to feel like keeping such a wonderful thing from people, but I *totally* know what you mean. I dreaded telling my in-laws b/c my MIL (even though she had 4 boys of her own) was NOT nice about our first two. *sigh* Oh well, you can't please them all, right? :) Glad you're feeling a lot better, too!!

  2. After the twins, I started showing right away too, but we still waited a long time before telling people. It was tough, b/c I a definitely had a belly.

    I'm sorry that there an uncertainty in the way people will respond with your news, Jessica. It's amazing what people will say, isn't it? In having twins, I've heard some really off the wall things. Turns out, people have no shame in asking brazen questions, or making ignorant statements. It's hard to have grace sometimes.

    Praise God for his grace that covers us each moment of each day to give us enough to be enough to all our children, our spouses and everyone else too.

  3. Hi there :) I just was blog-hopping and randomly came across yours! I just wanted to say congratulations! I also have 5 sweet littles(5,4,2,2,&6m) and I've already been "prepping" people around me by saying things like "when I get pregnant again" or "with the next one" or "if God blesses us with another baby" just so that I can hopefully avoid some of the awkwardness if/when we have another announcement. We NEVER imagined that this was what God had planned for our family but it's been such a fun journey.

    I know I'm always encouraged when I "meet" other families who share similar convictions regarding the joy that a new baby I just wanted to say hey and share in your excitement at the new little life God has entrusted you with : ) Hope you're feeling well!! I don't EVER blog anymore : ( But just know there is yet another mama out here in cyber-land who is walking through the mounds of laundry, heaps of diapers, and endless giggles & kisses with you! Keep your eyes on Jesus...He is so good to provide everything we need!!


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