Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Which I Panic

The other day it finally hit me.

Next month, my oldest child Jack will be turning five.

And do you know what that means?

School. And that my baby's growing up! But school is the point I'm getting at.

For the last couple of years my husband and I have been pretty sold on the idea of home schooling. This is not a new concept for me, I've been planning on doing this for awhile now. However, even though I've known for quite some time that I'm going to be home schooling, it finally sunk in last week. I'm going to be solely responsible for my child's education.

Me, who was just an average student.

Me, who just has an associates degree.

Me, who struggles terribly with being organized.

Me, who is already crazy busy keeping up with house work and caring for my little ones, I'm going to home school?! What on earth were we thinking?

Thankfully, though, I've had some encouraging talks with my husband, who has graciously reminded me why we're wanting to do this to ourselves(and our children) in the first place. I've also got plugged in with a Classical Conversations group close by that I'm super excited about.

I'm still a little overwhelmed at the idea of what this new season in my life is going to look like. I'm definitely concerned about what I'm going to do with my younger children while trying to teach Jack. But I'm also getting really excited about it. It will definitely be an adventure!

Growing Home



  1. You can do it! Its easiest if you simply enroll him in a distance education program. My Mum didn't and taught all eight of her children.

  2. my aunt home schooled her 5 kids and she did great. she wasn't an outstanding student or very organized. the first couple years were rough but once she got the hang of it she and her kids loved it! you will do great! stay connected with other people that home school...this was her greatest tool! good luck!!!

    your newest follower...


    1. Welcome, Danielle! Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement, I am definitely going to try and get connected with other home school moms- that's a big part of why I decided to start classical conversations this year!

  3. I'm excited to read about your adventures in homeschooling as you guys will be a year ahead of us (we'll start Kindergarten September '13 when my oldest is 5). However, to get into the hang of things, we are doing a small preschool activity/lesson M-F starting this fall with him. I'm excited. We are using a Rod and Staff program. As my younger two like to be involved and love table activities, they will probably just color pictures and play with manipulatives (peg boards, sorting animals, etc...) while Sean and I do "school."

    1. That sounds like a great idea starting pre school with your oldest! I tried to do that this year, but I wasn't always very consistent with it. Good luck! I look forward to reading about your adventures too!:)

  4. I admire those who homeschool! It is a big undertaking (I was home schooled) with many rewards!


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