Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 years

Sorry for the lack of posting this past month! August has been a whirlwind between moving to a new town and family coming to visit. Things are starting to settle down(a little!) Hopefully I'll be around more in September.

In the midst of moving, to be exact the day after we moved, Anna turned three. Poor girl didn't get much of a celebration on her actual birthday, though she did get to spend the day watching an inordinate amount of videos so I think she was happy with that. We did take her out for ice cream the night of her birthday, and she did get a birthday doughnut for breakfast, but we waited until the following Saturday to have an actual party. We headed to our local park and had a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cupcakes with pink icing for desert. 

The big three year old!

My mom and dad bought Anna a princess bicycle. She was so excited when they brought it in for her. She actually jumped up and down and screamed, "A BICYLCE!" 

Anna, Lily, and one of their dolls enjoying the new bike.

I was really proud of Jack for being a good sport at Anna's party. He didn't seem to get jealous at all when Anna opened her gifts. We told him that knights in shining armor don't get jealous when someone else is getting attention, and it seemed to work!

Enjoying the park.

I think Max was happy everyone else was having fun. :)

Happy Birthday, my spunky girl! Anna, you are hilarious, silly, at times a *bit* of a handful, and absolutely beautiful. I love how much you love to read and how excited you get about doing new things. I pray you will grow into a woman who loves and serves the Lord. I am indescribably blessed to be your mom!

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