Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Quiet Game

One of my children is a *bit* of a chatter box(cough-Jack-cough). From the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed-and truth be told the child has been known to talk in his sleep- there are millions of questions to be answered, stories to tell, and songs to sing. I adore him, and I love listening to him as his imagination grows, but there are times when I need a little break.

Enter the quiet game.

You've heard of the quiet game, right? I well remember playing this as a child, since growing up I was also a bit of a chatterbox(my brother even nicknamed me "Neverend" because he thought I never stopped talking!) Anyways, during dinner one night we decided to appeal to Jack's competitiveness and play the quiet game. We told the kids whoever was quiet the longest would be the winner. Jack and Anna took the game very seriously, and we played it several times that evening.

However, the next morning Jack decided that he wanted to be the instigator of the game. And since Jack is one of the most encouraging little guys you'll ever meet, he wanted to make sure everyone was a winner(Max included.) So he would purposely sabotage his chances of winning by talking and letting one of his sisters win. And now that's the only way he likes to play the quiet game!

Oh well, at least he's not a bad loser.:)

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  1. We always played this in the car when I was little. I had one cousin that won EVERY irritating.

    My hubby's grandparents used to call him "Chadderbox" (his name's Chad) because he'd stand between them in the car (before carseats were a must) and talk the entire trip. Now my 5yo inherited it. We recently started the quiet game with doesn't work. I always lost, my hubby couldn't shut up, and now the kids have it.......must be


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