Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Great Week!

This past week has been amazing! On Sunday, I turned 26(I know just four more years and I'll be 30!) I had a great day. No diaper changes, laundry, or cooking for me the whole day. Erik did everything, including letting me go over to a friends house while he took care of dinner and bedtime.

On Monday, my sweet Jack turned four. Yes his birthday is the day after mine, and yes every birthday I've had since he was born has been spent making party plans for him, but I don't mind. We took him and the other kids to a local splash park during the day, and that evening both sets of grandparents came over for a cook out and cake and ice cream. Jack's birthday dinner of choice was hotdogs, chips, and corn. My parents bought him a Spiderman bicycle and Erik's parents got him a tent with a tunnel. I don't think his grandparents spoil him at all! :)

Tuesday I had to go to the doctor for my six week postpartum visit. My parents watched Lily, Anna, and Jack so Max, Erik, and I could go to the doctor. Afterwards we spent some time at Barnes and Noble(one of my favorite past times) and then went out to dinner at the Cracker Barrel. 

My birthday present from my parents was a trip to Holiday World(an amusement park not far from where we live.) It was my first time leaving Max, and I was a little worried about how he'd do with a bottle, but he did great. Erik and I were able to spend an awesome day together. With the stress of unemployment and having four small children we needed a relaxing day together.

Which brings me to Thursday. Thursday was the day we were looking forward to with much anticipation. Erik had an interview a few hours away, and we were praying fervently that he would be offered the job on the spot. We didn't know if that would be possible, but we also knew the Lord could do impossible things. His interview wasn't until five that evening, which made it seem even more unlikely he'd be offered a job. Three hours past before I heard from him, and I wasn't sure if that meant things had gone really bad or really well. Obviously my first question when I answered my phone was, "How did the interview go?" Erik nonchalantly told me that he got the job!

After two years of dealing with unemployment, going back to school, and not having much of any steady income I can't even begin to describe the excitement we felt. All we could do was praise God for providing this job. I can still hardly believe it happened. We will have to move again, but we'll only be a few hours away from where we live now.

Yes, I think it's safe to say I had a great week!


  1. Happy belated Birthday to you and Jack! So glad you had a great week! What a blessing that he got the job!!!!

  2. Oh, girl, you are just a baby at 26! ;) Happy Birthday!
    And praise God that your husband got the job - that's awesome!


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