Monday, December 13, 2010

In which I wonder if my children have pent up Aggression

My kids are not exactly what you'd call aggressive kids. Crazy? Yes. Loud? Absolutely. But I don't think many would describe them as aggressive. I think I've seen Jack push someone(his sister) once and that was a long time ago.

Don't get me wrong, they have their squabbles over toys, but the farthest that goes is Jack holding the toy Anna wants above his head while she jumps up and down trying to take it from him.(In case you were wondering I totally cracked up writing that sentence..isn't it interesting how brothers and sisters just know how to get under each others skin?)

So today I'm folding laundry and all 3 kids are playing in Jacks bedroom. After a few minutes I hear them laughing. Not just laughing, but hysterically cracking up. Curious, I go check on them and what do I find? Jack and Anna are stacking their nativity set(all the characters except baby Jesus, interestingly enough) on top of Annas doll house and then proceeding to push them off. Not only are they pushing them off, but they are growling while they do it! Lily thought it was just as hilarious as her brother and sister, and almost toppled over a few times she got so excited.

As I'm standing in their door way watching all of this unfold, I decide not to say anything and just walk back to the next room. At least they were all playing together.


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