Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 months

Little Miss Lily turned 10 months on Thursday. I feel bad that I haven't posted an update since she was 7 months, but things have been busy and morning sickness has made me want to stay far away from the computer! Here is what my sweet girl has been up to.

-She crawls everywhere, and pulls up on everything.

- Everything must go in her mouth. Erik and I both think she's worse than Jack or Anna was about this, but then again we aren't able to give her constant undivided attention, so that could be why we feel that way!

-She is such a daddy's girl! I bet the only time I hear her get half as excited is when she sees food coming her way.

-Lily has an incredibly sweet disposition. She's almost always happy and smiling, and is generally easy going.

-Her eyes still haven't changed color. Some days they look blue and other days they look brown.

-She claps to music, waves, and lifts her arms to say she's "So Big!" Right now we are trying to get her to do the sign for please.

That's what Lily has been up to lately! She's very petite. At her last well baby appointment she was in the 5th percentile for her height and weight, but she eats well so she's probably taking after me and her older sister.

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  1. Cute picture!! I was noticing Sunday how much she's changed. :) P.s. sorry I didn't call you back today. Everything is a ok. :) Thanks for asking!


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