Friday, September 17, 2010


Today I realized why I enjoy quietness so much. It's not about the three kids running around the house, and it's not the constant questions I get from my three year old.

It's the narrating.

Jack is quite the little narrator. From the minute he gets up he is talking a mile a minute about anything and everything. For example here's how this morning went:

"Good morning, bubby."

"Oh, goooooood morning, Mommy!(He likes to sing while he talks) Mommy where's froggie? Oh Froggie's right here! Oh look, Mommy there's baby Anna, I mean baby Lily! Ahhh-ahh(he does a high pitch squeal for Lily), yep I think it's time to get up real quick. Mommy can we have hot dogs and chocolate milk for breakfast? Oh look there's Anna and she's wearing purple! Mommy, what color is Anna wearing? What color are you wearing, Mommy? Look Lily has a flower on her shirt! What color is Lily wearing? (More high pitched squealing that cracks Lily up) Do you think Lily might not like some yogurt? Jack and Anna looove yogurt! Do you like yogurt, mommy? Has Daddy left for work yet, Mommy? What color is Daddy wearing today? Ok it's time to go downstairs, Mommy, let me go cook.(I don't have my three year old cook just for the record.) Mommy can I wear my guitar shirt today? Oh I mean may I please wear my guitar shirt? Oh look there's Jack's big boy chair! Where did that pink wash rag go? Oh yeah I flushed it down the white potty, mommy!(He sure did!)"

And that's how our mornings go around here. Oh sure Anna throws in her two cents of conversation, but currently it's not quite the constant narration of my little broadcaster in training.

 Supposedly I was the same way at that age(and maybe to some still am a bit chatty, ahem) I think my parents are getting a bit of satisfaction out of this.

Oh well, I love my little man more than words can describe.

But I am always glad when sweet and glorious nap time arrives at our house. Because then we get a little quiet, and when everyone is back awake, we're happy to hear the details of everyday life, at least until bed time. :-)

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