Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top Ten

There is a lot of little memes I've seen going around where you are suppose to tell information about yourself. I thought I'd share ten facts that you may, or may not, know about me.

1. I was raised a Preacher's Kid. Growing up, my family and I moved all over the state of Illinois for my Dad's ministry.

2. Perhaps as a result of not being able to really decorate the places we lived in, I have absolutely no talent for interior design.

3. I am also the worlds worst organizer. Seriously. Growing up I was the kid who used her text books as a folder. God really knew what he was doing putting Erik and I together because my husband is very organized!

4. I absolutely love candles, coffee, Clorox wipes, and chocolate. I'm an easy girl to please. :-)

5. I like to think where I lack in my decorating skills, I make up for with(hopefully) having a house that always smells nice since I love candles so much.

6. I love to bake. I do not like to clean up.

7. I am slightly obsessed with vacuuming. My brother loves to tease me about it.

8. I have been either pregnant or nursing since November of 2006. Sometimes both, but always one or the other.

9. I am passionate about Biblical Womanhood.

10. And finally..hmm..well I'll just gel a few together. I'm terrified of snakes, and don't particularly care for animals in general, I didn't know how to upload pictures on the internet until I started this blog(yikes I'm getting confessional!), and I really try to spend quality time with all my children everyday, but sometimes feel like I'm not doing as good a job as I should be with it. Mommy guilt can get the best of me sometimes.

Well that's all, I'm sure that's way more than most of you care to know! How about the rest of you? Is anyone else terrified of snakes like I am?

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  1. It definitely wouldn't pay for me to be terrified of snakes where I live...in the country with a pond in the back yard! My dog barked at a snake for literally hours yesterday! Still lovin your ramblings!


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