Sunday, July 8, 2012

Candy Soup

My poor children. Up until about a year ago, I'd say we ate a pretty typical diet. You know, white pasta, white bread, hamburger helper. Any veggies that were consumed in our house typically came from a can, and really they were probably just set on the table for decoration, because no one in this house was going to eat them.

Then I got all weird, and "natural". My dad says I've become a hippie. Regardless of whether or not that's a fair name for me, my point is we've been eating significantly healthier around here. However, we still struggle with eating vegetables. It's tough trying to find ways to prepare them so that they still taste good, but don't lose all of their nutrients.

To their credit, though, my kids have actually done pretty well with learning to eat more veggies. There is only one vegetable they absolutely do not like. Broccoli. Oh my word, the battles we have had over broccoli(which is probably another reason why they hate it so much!) But Erik and I like broccoli, and we really like broccoli cheese soup. So this past winter I decided to make some, using this recipe, and it was a huge hit for my husband and I.

My children, who had seen me chop up the broccoli, wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

My natural reaction when my kids refuse to eat something is to tell them they have to at least try one bite before they can get down. But before I could say anything,I hear Erik telling the kids in a really cheerful voice,"But it's candy soup, guys! Mmmm candy soup is so yummy!"

And would you believe it if I told you, that they actually believed him?

They devoured it, and were soon asking for second helpings, and even third helpings.

To this day they still refer to broccoli cheese soup, as "candy soup." Jack even wants it for his birthday dinner.

You know, I've always been really big on not lying to my kids. But I guess I can make an exception if it gets them to eat more vegetables.



  1. Loved this blog post!! LOL at Candy soup! :D
    So true that kids just get mind blocks about certain foods.

  2. that is hilarious.... :-)


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