Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tattling{on your children}

"I never tell anyone else's bad news."a mother of five once told me in reference to how she manages discipline issues at her house.

At the time, I didn't completely understand what she was talking about, but I definitely see where she was coming from now.

Let's face it, taking care of little ones day in and day out is exhausting. The temptation is real after my husband walks through the door at the end of the day to start venting about whichever child has made my life difficult that day.

But I'm sure we all know what happens when we do that. The second we tell our husbands how disobedient one of our children has been that day, our husband usually starts feeling frustrated with that child for making his wife's day so miserable. And then we might get angry with our husband for being too harsh with that child, when all he thought he was doing in the first place was helping his wife after a long day.

I'm not advocating keeping secrets from your husband, I'm just saying that griping about a particular child the second your man walks through the door might not be the best way to handle the situation. Maybe even wait to discuss it after you've cooled off and the kids are tucked in for the night. That way if there is a problem a solution might be easier to come up with.

I don't like my kids to tattle on each other, so doing this might be a better way to practice what I've been teaching.

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  1. Good idea!
    Blessings to you in this final stretch of pregnancy!


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