Monday, February 3, 2014

Lazy Weekends & Weekly Menu Plan

Max enjoying his magnifying glass.

This past Saturday was a cold and rainy day, but thankfully we had no where to go. It was certainly appreciated, because this week is gearing up to be busy, and then this Saturday we will be celebrating Lily's birthday, so there won't be anything lazy about next weekend!

I spent most of Saturday morning cleaning up the house while the kids took baths, wrote/drew stories, and watched an episode of veggie tales. Erik worked most of the day from home, but having him home working is still way better than him going off to work and not being home at all.

Then Saturday afternoon I got take a nap when the rest of the kids did. It was a-mazing. :)

Saturday night, I took Anna with me to Aldi to run some errands. She was so excited. She kept telling everyone around us that she was getting to run errands alone with mommy, and about how happy she was about this. It was so sweet, and it helped confirm in my mind that taking my kids out one on one is so important. It doesn't even seem to matter what we're doing, they just seem to thrive on a little alone time.

After we got the kids to bed Saturday night Erik and I had a little date night in, we got some take out and...did our taxes. Yep, we know how to party. :)

Sunday we went to Church, and when we got home we all took a long nap(yay for naps!) We didn't even turn the Super Bowl on, but we still managed to have a good Sunday. :)

In other news, I seem to have become a little obsessed with changing my blog design. Sorry about that, I just can't seem to find something I really like. Hopefully soon I'll settle on one. :)


Breakfast- Eggs, Pumpkin Oatmeal, toast, and cinnamon rolls(birthday girl breakfast)

Lunch- Peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, salads(for me), and leftovers

Dinners- Sandwiches and salads(me salad, everyone else sandwiches), homemade pizza, blueberry pancakes and eggs, chicken enchilada casserolex2(one for dinner one for the freezer), candy soup, tacos with refried beans, and turkey burgers.


Play some board games with the kids this week. They love them, but I don't really enjoy them that much. This week is suppose to be cold and snowy so it'll be perfect for staying inside and playing some games.

Get up between 5 and 5:30, and go to bed by 10.

Exercise 4 times this week.

Continue working on Philippians 2:1-2 with the kids.

Get at least 2 meals in the freezer(this week I'm hoping it'll be the broccoli cheese soup and chicken enchilada casserole.)

How was everyone else's weekend?

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  1. My weekend was pretty normal except for being incredibly blessed by my mother who had to stay home from church and so offered to watch my two youngest. It was so nice to go to church with only one young child to watch over, and when we got home my house was all tidied and lunch was made and the table set!!! Greatest blessing ever for a mommy like me! =)

  2. Rachael,
    That is awesome! Moms are wonderful aren't they?! :)


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